TH2004 Official Rules

ATTENTION: Please read each rule below. SAFETY RULES

This is the most important part of this whole set of rules! Read this carefully! There has been a lot of concern about how participants in the hunt are driving while getting from one site to another. The object of the hunt is to have fun. The one thing nobody wants to happen is for a team to be in an accident of some sort while driving too fast to a clue. I think we all know that any incident during the hunt resulting in injury or worse will mean the end of the hunt. No one wants this hunt to be discontinued because of reckless driving. The following rules are in the interest of safety, Random spot checks will be done at certain sites by hunt coordinators. If there is any sign of reckless driving around that site as judged by the hunt coordinator on-site, that team will be disqualified. All decisions in this matter will be final!

This is not a bluff, but a serious issue. Don't test us because we are looking to make an example out of someone.


  1. After each member of each team signs a release at the starting point, he or she will receive a Treasure Hunter's license to show that she/he is engaged in a legitimate (?) enterprise. The local Police Departments are not aware of your participation in this year's hunt. Show them this license upon request and the police will laugh so hard you'll be able to make a get away.
  2. A "team" consists of 4 to 6 members with one person designated as the captain. The preferred team captain should be a Honeywell employee for contact purposes, if not, then a proxy captain will need to be identified. 6 will be enforced as a fixed limit with no exceptions! Each team member must be at least 18 years old. Each team may use only one vehicle during the hunt and may not separate into separate vehicles during the hunt. If a partial team is seen at a site, it will be assumed that the team is violating this rule and will be immediately disqualified. This does not mean that all team members must get out of the vehicle, but just means that all members must be in the vehicle when you get to the site. For a description of the vehicle requirements, please refer to the "Safety Rules" above.
  3. Each car in this hunt is assigned a number. A paper with this number on it is provided to you prior to the hunt. Please tape this inside the left rear window of the car being used in the hunt.
  4. This Treasure Hunt is made up of a series of clues, which must be found and solved, in their prescribed order, leading you to an Awards Party. All of the clues for TH2004 have a common theme, which adds to the fun and excitement of the hunt.
  5. Each "clue" contains the information that will lead you to the next clue location.
  6. No clue location is more than 10 miles from the previous location. (Most are less than 6 miles!)
  7. Copies of a specially prepared map will be provided showing details of the area. On this map are many circled symbols that have an arrow added to mark the EXACT location of the clue. Every valid clue location is marked by a symbol; however, many additional (false) symbols are included on the map just to keep you honest!
  8. The map must be used to complete solving and locating your clues and will be a real help by showing you the shortest distance, on which side of the road the clue is located, etc.
  9. The map has been made as complete as is necessary for this hunt; it may lack some of the latest roads, subdivisions and washes, but is completely adequate for this hunt. USE THE MAP CONSTANTLY. CARRY IT WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES.
  10. You may find many confusing factors, planned and unplanned. However, at each valid clue location, you will find an identifying "marker" to show that you are at the right spot. These markers use reflective tape to help you locate them with your carís headlights or your flashlight.
  11. There are three types of markers:
    1. "TH" Marker: Usually with site number and tags attached. Near roadway.
    2. "® " Marker: Arrow points in direction of site. (Not used at all sites.)
    3. "X" Marker: Stop, go no further. (Not used at all sites.)
  12. At some clue locations you will find a group of numbered envelopes. These are usually in a "trash" bag. Take from this group only the one envelope with YOUR car number on it. This contains YOUR car's clue, which will direct you to the next clue location. ALL envelopes are not the same. If you use the envelope from another car, you may find yourself heading back to a clue location that you have previously solved. Be certain that the envelope you have taken corresponds with your car number.
  13. Always replace other envelopes exactly where you find them and avoid disturbing or touching any clue but your own. To do otherwise would be unfair, and perhaps would spoil the fun for a lot of people. Please cooperate in this vital requirement.
  14. Where needed, you may find a puzzle of some sort where two copies of the clue are included in your clue envelope. The copies are identical and two are furnished only for your convenience in solving the clue inside your car. Do not double the answer obtained from it.
  15. In some cases you will find, not an envelope, but a common clue site for all teams. Common sites involve some display, activity or puzzle that must be interpreted to solve the clue. In this case, leave the clue as you find it for all the other teams to solve.
  16. Try to get your clue without disclosing its location to others in the hunt. An effective means of not disclosing the clue location is to get back into your car and drive a short distance away from the site, park and discuss or solve the clue with your team.
  17. At the clue site, avoid talking or discussing the clue, as there may be another team there at the same time. An effective way to avoid helping another team, is to say to your team, "Car XX, Let's go!" to get your team to leave the site and adjourn to your car to finish solving the clue.
  18. At every clue location you visit, there will be a receipt to prove you have been there. It will be attached to the "TH" stake. This receipt must be turned in at the end of the hunt if you are to be credited with successfully solving the previous clue. For a common clue, take the receipt with your car number AND ONLY YOUR CAR NUMBER from the stake.
  19. Clues are designed to have one and only one obvious answer. If you have several possible answers and none of them seems particularly outstanding, you are probably wrong. When you have solved the clue, you will know you are right. You may groan, but you'll know that you are right.
  20. At the beginning of the hunt you will receive a large shopping bag (hereafter referred to as the "bag") with your Car Number on it. Inside this bag will be found many items such as 2 copies of the Treasure Hunt Map, a large Receipt envelope (for saving your clue receipts), your Starting Clue, Telephone contact information, parts of other clues, and many other items that may or may not help you on this hunt. DO NOT LOSE ANYTHING FROM THIS BAG. CARRY IT WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES. It will help you if one of your team members is assigned to carry the bag and be knowledgeable of the contents at all times.
  21. Your hunt sequence is listed on your receipt envelope. THIS ENVELOPE IS TO HOLD YOUR RECEIPTS. It must be presented at the end of the Hunt along with all of your receipts. You will not be signed in at the end of the Hunt until the receipt envelope is delivered. It may help if one of your team members is assigned to collect the receipt from each site and is responsible for the receipt envelope.
  22. To aid you in correctly following the proper sequence of clues, each clue location is designated with a number. The sequence of numbers that your car MUST follow will be marked on your receipt envelope. It is advisable to check off the clue locations as you solve them. Your sequence is different from other teams. If you encounter another team at the same clue site, donít follow them to the next site, they are probably on a different route and usually lost as well.
  23. Your team will be penalized 15 minutes for each receipt that is not turned in at the end of the hunt.
  24. You must phone one of the Treasure Hunt Committee members to obtain help in solving or finding clue sites. You must also call if it is 11:00 PM and you are not at the party. You are required to be at the party by 11:30 PM. Each phone call for help will incur a penalty. Calling for help to find a clue site will incur a 10-minute penalty. Calling for help in solving a clue site will incur a 20-minute penalty. There will be a 5-minute penalty for each minute after 11:30 PM that you are late in arriving at the party site.
  25. Another item found in your bag will be the Starting Clue for your team. When the signal is given by the Treasure Hunt Committee to start, remove the starting clue from the bag, and find the solution. When you think you have it, turn on your lights and a member of the committee will check your solution to get you off to the right start. DRIVE CAREFULLY, remember this is a fun hunt.
  26. The top three teams must explain their solutions to the hunt thoroughly to the committee before final results are announced. THE DECISIONS OF THE COMMITTEE WILL BE FINAL ON ALL MATTERS.
  27. The object of this hunt is for all participants to have a good time, but remember, it is a timed hunt. Therefore try to solve as many clues as possible, go to as many clue locations as possible, donít call for help with a clue site unless you really need assistance, and arrive at your end destination as soon as possible. The first team to arrive at the end destination (the party) may not necessarily be the winner due to other scoring factors.
  28. When you arrive at the end destination, the Awards Party, report your arrival to one of the TH Committee Persons IMMEDIATELY UPON ARRIVAL. Turn in all receipts. Remember, the hunt officially ends at 11:00 PM and you will be expected to arrive at the end destination before 11:30 PM There will be a five-minute penalty for each minute late.
  29. Since we need to know the exact number of people to reserve for the breakfast buffet, only those that have made reservations may participate in the breakfast. Reservations are automatic for team members (up to six). Reservations for additional people will cost $25.00 per person and cannot be purchased at the door.
  30. It is the responsibility of the winning team to put on the hunt for the following year. Failure to do so by any member of the winning team will result in that member being barred from all future hunts. A previous winning (within the last 5 years) hunt team will not be required to put the hunt on the next year. (Note: this implies a substantially intact team, the original team captain and at least three original members) In this case the second place team will have the responsibility. In cases of multiple top finishing teams, the highest finishing eligible team shall have the responsibility. The decision of the current TH committee shall be final on the determination of an eligible team.