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 Below are our 2011 Winning Teams and Hunt Results!!!

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1st Place
Team 10 - "Aiming for 2nd" 

  Mike Kroeger
Cory McCormick
Pete Bobrowitz
Paul Richards
Matt Kroeger
Martin Kroeger
2nd Place
Team 14 - "Where's Dave"

Bob Coffeen
Will Klemovage
Paul D'Mura
Janell D'Mura
Julie Mirsky
Dawn Sims 
3rd Place
Team 20 - "Folie a Plusieurs"

  Jennifer Marszowski
James Tompkins
Jeff Knecht
Laurie Knecht
Bridget Dechant
Larry Glandon
Last Place
Team 7 - "Clueless"

  Robert Olson
Maria Snyder
Marcelino Peinado
Yelena Skaggs
Mike Koye
Rumy Ruseva