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What is the Treasure Hunt?

What is the Hunt?

The Treasure Hunt is an exciting evening of solving a series of Clues at various locations throughout the North Valley to find your way to the Awards Party and buffet breakfast. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners receive theme-related trophies for their success. Last Place also receives a special recognition for their accomplishment. The 1st Place team displays the traveling Treasure Hunt trophy for the year and has the honor of coordinating the next Hunt.

How does the Hunt Work?

The Hunt is centered around a different theme each year, and a series of Hints, Wise or Otherwise are published for the teams to research in preparation. On the day of the Hunt, teams arrive at 4:30pm to register their vehicles. At 5:30 PM, the start signal is given, and the teams get underway solving their 1st Clue. Throughout the evening, the teams arrive at each successive Clue Site to find a problem, puzzle or event which solves to the location of the next site on the map. Clues can come in several forms:

  • Interactive requiring participation to get a solution
  • Teamwork requiring cooperation to solve the clue
  • Puzzles of various types to solve
  • Gadgets to work to get a solution
  • Visual to find and solve Clues can be simple or complex. 

There are about 20 Clue Sites to find and solve to get to the Awards Banquet!

By 11:00 PM, the teams should have completed the course and solved for the final location of the Hunt, where the results and awards of the Hunt are shared over a hearty breakfast with their fellow Hunters.

How do I sign up? Needed at sign-up Team Captain and List of Team Members, Cell Phone Number for use during Hunt and $180 Team fee. The Hunt is limited to 40 Teams with 4-6 people per team. Participation is open to anyone interested. Participants must be 18 years of age or older. Additional information on the Treasure Hunt History, Rules and Past Results are available on this site. The Hints, Wise and Otherwise are posted on this Site as they are made available for the Hunt. Browse the site to learn more. Contact one of the Committee Members sign up today!