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 Here are our 2017 Winning Teams and Hunt Results!!!

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1st Place
"Tonya Harding Really Grinds My Gears"
Bill Snavely
Nick Hoffman
Eve Hoffman
Jean Michel Scherer
Randy Foote
Janay Dominguez
2nd Place
"Welcome Robot Overlords"
Charles Spellman
Miki Spellman
Cindy Bohl
Brant Ivey
Conner Wareing
Stephens Hermes
3rd Place
"Aiming For Second"
Cory McCormick
Pete Bobrowitz
Chris Bobrowitz
Nick Bobrowitz
Jim Baker
Paul Richards
Last Place
"Accident Prone"
Michelle Stufflebeam
Teresa Zenti
Ray Given
Kaylee Stufflebeam
David Heath

Note - Routes are not of equal length due to different Start and End positions for each Route and adjustment factors are included in the Adjusted Time to compensate for the differences./strong>