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 Here are our 2013 Winning Teams and Hunt Results!!!

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1st Place
"A Van, A Map & Not a Clue"
Eric Olson
Nancy Olson
Greg Carmichael
Dawn Carmichael
Nathan Lentz
Charla Lentz 
2nd Place
"Analysis Paralysis"
Tait Vecsey
Karen Vecsey
Brian Buttram
Sandra Buttram
Chris Hewitt
Stephanie Hewitt
3rd Place
"Cobra Kai"
Carli Longpre
Christopher Longpre
Brandy Dible
Chris Dible
Josh Phillips
Emily Tripoli
Last Place
"Klingons Around Uranus"
Ed Summers
DeDe Fox
Vince LaBrozzi
Karen LaBrozzi
Dave Groethe
Marla Groethe 

Note - Routes are not of equal length and adjustment factors are included in the Adjusted Time to correct the differences.