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 Here are our 2018 Winning Teams and Hunt Results!!!



1st Place
"Where's Miki"
Charles Spellman
 Conner Wareing
Cindy Bohl
Stephen Hermens
Doug Drake
Jenny Loder
2nd Place
"Blue Balls in Space"
Mike Mead
Dana Mead
Dean Long
Kathy Long
Caleb Frazier
Beckie Haywood
3rd Place
"No Theme Whatsoever"
Kelly Revelle
Melissa Revelle
Amy Gallagher
Julie Meyer
Vic Revelle
Last Place
"Forever Clueless"
Cathy Miller
Scott Griffiths
Francis Griffiths
Nicole Herman
Lily Miller
Brianna Miller


Note - Routes are not of equal length due to different Start and End positions for each Route
and adjustment factors are included in the Adjusted Time to compensate for the differences