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 Below are our 2012 Winning Teams and Hunt Results!!!

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1st Place
Team 14 - "Monkey Business"
Jeff Shewmaker
Mary Shewmaker
Eric Shewmaker
Jenn Watkins
Dave Day
Stefan Shepherd
2nd Place
Team 8 - "Fallout"
Tait Vecsey
Karen Vecsey
Brian Buttram
Sandra Buttram
Chris Hewitt
Stephanie Hewitt
3rd Place
Team 3 - "Intimidators"
Pat Scott
Marilyn Scott
Robert Scott
Chris Eaton
Susan Eaton
Kaitlin Eaton
Last Place
Team 24 - "Kaos"
 Jamey Geer
Crystal Geer
Bobbie Tomasek
Barb Geer
Maria Zafonte
Scott Horner