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Previous Hunt Winners

1995 Inaugural Committee:

Pat & Marilyn Scott, Dave & Maureen DeGrose, Don & Angie Crist, Joe & Ginny Kramer, Greg & Nancy Schauder and Alan & Donna Metzger

Hunt Themes and Winners:

Year Theme Winners
1995 Movies Bob and Lisa Doyle, Brent and Leta Abbott, Jack Howell, and Roger Paulson
1996 Cartoons Susan Laux, Ian Guistino, Joe and Mary Smith, Jef Sloat, and Patty Warren
1997 Spies Larry and Sheryl Clark, John Dewane, Doug and Doni Endrud, and Bill Unternaehrer
1998 Westerns Eric & Koddie Becker, Carl & Kathy Esposito, Greg & Nancie Schauder, and Ken & Manette Snodgrass
1999 Horror Jeff & Kim Cathey, Rick & Lora Ridenour, and Karl & Tracy Tauscher
2000 Comedy David & Edna Day, Jeff & Mary Shewmaker, Nash Khattier and Dana Day
2001 Space / Future Chris & Anne McKenna, Carl & Kathy Esposito, Greg & Nancie Schauder, and Ken Snodgrass
2002 Crime & Punishment Butch Hungerford, Mary Van Hoy, Jeff & Julie Zalewski, Scott Mouser, Sandy Scoles
2003 Spies Tina Kontos, David Nations, Dave Hardy, Eric Olson, Christine Lindley, Tom Kreusch
2004 Animals Dave & Maureen DeGrose, Bob & Kathy Coffeen, Will Klemovage, Paul D'Mura, Julie Mirsky
2005 Games Paul & Barb Drake, Chris & Susan Eaton, John & Carol Coughlin
2006 Foods of the World Rod & Pamela Kennan, Bob & Beth Brunsman, Al Diamant, Amy Pongrantz
2007 Fairy Tales Will Klemovage, Paul D'Mura, Julie Mirsky, Bob Coffeen, Jamey Geer, Neill Thompson
2008 Treasure Hunts Keith Pischke, Ed Skutecki, Bob Bowie, Dave Harshberger, John Pacenti, Al Keown
2009 Scams and Scammers Eric Olson, Nancy Olson, Greg Carmichael, Dawn Carmichael, Nathan Lentz, Charla Lentz
2010 Survival Jeff & Mary Shewmaker, Dave &  Gina Day, Jenn Watkins, Erica Tassone
2011 Heroes Mike Kroeger, Cory McCormick, Pete Bobrowitz, Paul Richards, Matt Kroeger, Martin Kroeger